Rules and Regulations 

  1. Participation in the Contest will be construed as an acceptance of the Terms. If an applicant does not agree to any of the terms, she is advised to not participate in the audition / Contest.
  2. Applicants abide to maintain confidentiality of the event and selection process, as will be instructed to the participants.
  3. Contest is OPEN to Indian women, residing within the geographical territory of India only (extended to Andaman and Nicobar islands),for the past 6 months or more and within the age group of 16-30 only.
  4. Employees of YUS & its subsidiaries/group companies and their families are not eligible to participate in the Contest.
  5. All the participants have to register on www.awardnights.com/wspi/ for the virtual audition.
  6. All the applicants should strictly comply with the age criteria of the pageant, failing which the entry is subject to disqualification at any time of the event.
  7. All the contestants should have a valid Indian passport and a copy of same may be asked to be submitted for verification purpose.
  8. For Auditions, participant will be judged on their style, posture, walk, self-grooming, attitude, temperament and overall presentability
  9. Contestants will participate in World Supermodel India Pageant as a volunteer and for no compensation of any kind and that there is no employer / employee, agency, joint venture or partnership relationship between the participant and Yellow Umbrella (YUS/India Franchise) and confirm to be of the right age limitations and satisfy the entry criterias per pageant rules.
  10. Participation and Winning in this contest does not guarantee any assignment or work order, unless declared and announced by the organizing panel.
  11. Once selected for further stages of the competition, the participant will, at all times, oblige to the contest rules.
  12. Entries for minor should be registered by an adult (preferably parents or an immediate relative in blood relation)
  13. Contestants will be responsible for their own Make up, costumes during auditions and all the screening rounds.
  14. Selected participants, from the audition, will have to travel to the Host city of the contest on their own cost.
  15. All the contestants can avail footage of their performance Free of Cost, subject to availability.
  16. Winning prize in the competition will include a Tiara / Trophy, Certificate, Gifts Vouchers or Gifts.
  17. Rewards cannot be exchanged against Cash
  18. All the finalists travelling from outstation will be eligible for complimentary accommodation only for self and for the nights of competition only.
  19. Contestants can avail this special accommodation packages from World Supermodel India Pageant organizers that includes complimentary stay and limited meals.
  20. Travel will be self-managed by all contestants.
  21. Accompanying relatives, friends or family may avail event discounted packages that includes Stay and event tickets.
  22. Each contestant will be eligible for one FREE event pass and will also be entitled for discount on additional passes.
  23. Drugs, any form of alcohol abuse and smoking is strictly prohibited during all times of the event that includes the event zone, meeting points and at the accommodation area.
  24. Fights / Negativity and unacceptable behaviour will lead to disqualification.
  25. Event recording is permitted only for authorised officials and partners.
  26. Usage of personal camera to capture images / video at the venue will be heavily fined.
  27. Dates of the events, may be changed without any prior intimation.
  28. All Updates of event will be available on www.awardnights.com/wspi/.
  29. Applicants are expected to stay connected with WSPI facebook page. Organisers may not send each development personally to contestants and will not be liable for any information not reaching contestant.
  30. Footage and event recording will be sole rights of Yellow Umbrella, the organisers of World Supermodel India Pageant. All copyrights in all recording media used in respect of the contest including, but without limitation, photographs and other recordings of my contestant’s name and voice, belongs to Yellow Umbrella (India Franchise). By participating in the competition, contestants are giving permission and rights for using their Name, images, performance footage, participation videos and its content for all type of promotional purposes, either copied, distributed, published, exhibited, digitized, publically displayed, reproduced, altered, edited, manipulated, and/or used via any medium and by whatever means, in whole or in part, anywhere in the world, at any time, for an unlimited number of promotional purposes such as advertising, marketing or trade in promoting and publicizing the event and they agree to not claim for any sort of compensation or claim of defamation arising out of any use.
  31. You hereby certify you are, or the minor participant you represent is, physically fit for the purposes of participating in World Supermodel India Pageant, in the capacity of a model / aspiring model.
  32. You willingly agree to comply with the terms and conditions for participation. However, should your presence or participant be observed as unusual significant hazard, you will backout yourself or the minor participant from contesting and stand to be disqualified from the competition.


Selected India winner(s) will represent India during the International competition as per international pageant criteria and all the rules for International pageant will apply.
India representatives will bear their own cost of international travel including visa charges, unless otherwise sponsored.
Title winners and Runner-up of this pageant will not participate in any other national/ international pageant during the reigning year.
In the event of breaching contest rules, or not adhering to requisites/ negative remarks in any form about the pageant, a penalty may be imposed on respective contestant(s) and be asked to step down from the position with public announcement and surrendering sash, crown and other prize components.

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