After her wonderful and much appreciated performance at the 10th Annual World Supermodel Production,
Summer Jacobs
is back from Macau and she joins us for a candid interview.

Catch her experiences here….

double-quote-serif-left-512 I learn from my failures and I evolve from there double-quote-serif-right-512


WSPI – Tell us about your experience at the 10th annual World Supermodel Production in Macau. How did you prioritise yourself for the international debut?
Summer - My experience at the World Supermodel production in Macau has by far been one of the most memorable journeys that I will cherish forever. Meeting and spending qualitative time with other delegates from different parts of the world, making lovely friends for life.. that was an amazing opportunity to gain so much knowledge from influential and experienced people from different industries. It was an honour.

WSPI - You were unfortunately ‘under the weather’ for a few days during the pageant. How did you cope up with the lost time since you were judged and scored for every activity and every minute?
Summer - Yes, Unfortunately, I did fall ill but that did not stop me from fulfilling my duties as a representative of India. The crew and management were so helpful and did everything they could to make me feel at home and recover fast.

WSPI - What was your daily schedule like in Macau for the entire week
Summer - We had a tight schedule and our daily routine included hours of show rehearsals, themed photo shoot sessions, shows at Macau Fashion Week. We had three fashion shows besides the highest catwalk, and underwater shoot and the main event. They all were amazing and every minute was valuable and so informative.


double-quote-serif-left-512 Winning the National title was a task double-quote-serif-right-512

WSPI - If only you had a chance to go back and change one thing that could bring you closer to winning the coveted title, what would it be?
Summer - I believe the one thing that may have been a drawback was definitely my health, but at the same time I did give in my 150% and participation was the best experience one could have.

WSPI - How was your overall experience with the National pageant where you won the coveted title and a lifetime chance to represent our country internationally.
Summer - Winning the National title was a task, a very big one infact but I had a goal in my mind and did my best to work towards it. My overall experience was great.

WSPI - What was your reason behind taking part in World Supermodel India 2017 contest. Did you predict winning the National title?
Summer - I’ve always been more inclined towards modelling and I was really intrigued by this pageant. For me it’s about making a difference and being an inspiration that if you can dream it you can achieve it.

WSPI - How is Summer Jacobs as an individual?
Summer - Summer is a very vivacious, loving, hard-working and an optimistic person and I believe in seeing the best in everything. I learn from my failures and take it in a positive way and make sure I evolve from there.

WSPI – You are trained by the leading pageant coach Ms. Ritika Ramtri. How important is it to be trained professionally for pageantry?
Summer - Being trained by Ritika ma’am was one of the best decisions I made. It made a difference in my transformation, I became more confident and gained so much more knowledge about pageantry and modelling and about the things that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. It was coaching for life.

WSPI – A glance at your crazy memories in Macau & Hong Kong would include………
Summer - One of my craziest memories will definitely be the highest catwalk on the Macau towers, I volunteered to go first and challenged myself as I’m afraid of heights and I’ve never felt prouder. The thought of walking on the highest tower in the world still gives me Goosebumps and is so overwhelming but I loved every moment up there.

WSPI - Your advice for the next season’s pageant aspirants…
Summer - My advice would definitely be to not give up, keep working hard and believe in your endeavours and yourself. Dreams do come true!!


double-quote-serif-left-512 Dreams do come true double-quote-serif-right-512

WSPI - Any specific quote you would like to share to conclude this interview.
Summer - I believe that happy girls are the prettiest. If you’re happy, nothing can stop you or break your thought process. A healthy mind can take you far in life. Thank You.