How to make small eyes look BIGGER

In Today’s article we shall learn some quick secrets to make your eyes Seductive, Attractive and also seem Bigger.

The trick is to use simple make up and the best thing is you don’t need to be a Make-up expert.

Here are a few guidelines that every model should do:

Dark Circles:

  1. Dark circles are one major hurdle to get rid off and also makes your eyes look smaller.
  2. Use concealer to cover the dark circles before starting your eye make up.
  3. Potato is a bleaching agent. Regular use of potato juice, or a slice of potato under your eyes will reduce the skin tone and lighten the dark circles and even reduce puffiness. 

Eye Shadow:

  1. Use light shadows over your eye lids to make it look bigger
  2. Use rosy shades for pink skin colour tone
  3. Use golden shades for yellow or olive skin tone
  4. Mixing a bit of concealer to your shadow can add a big difference to your eye shape by making it wider as well.
  5. Avoid any darker shadows since they make eyes look smaller.


  1. Use eyeliners only around your eye lashes and not on your waterline
  2. Draw a seductive Almond shaped line across the outer corner of your eyes
  3. From center of your lash, line out to form thicker corners.
  4. Ensure to be as thin as possible in the middle and as thick as you can towards outer.
  5. Use a cotton swab to clear any smudges.

Waterline, Eye lashes and Eye Brows:

  1. Use nude liner across your waterline to make eyes look larger.
  2. Nude / While eye pencil will brighten up the eye instantly.
  3. Curl your eye lashes either using thin mascara or a curler.
  4. Maintain a clear arc of your eyebrows and remove all stray hairs. Use an eyebrow pencil lightly just to give a disciplined shape.

It is not always important to match your eye shadows with that to your outfit. Simple Nude, Golden and Silver shades can blend with any type of garment.

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