Beauty is boundless and India certainly is crowned with Rich culture ceaselessly @ several International beauty pageants.

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World Supermodel India Pageant and World Teen Supermodel India Pageant is an annual beauty pageant in India in order to send an ambassador to internationally acclaimed World Supermodel Pageant and World Teen Supermodel Pageant, respectively.

This initiative searches for a natural beauty with elegance, confidence and style, while providing International platform to Supermodels in India by designating the winners to compete globally. The Indian Winner will have the privilege to enjoy limelight including several modeling assignments and offers. Contesting models will not be endorsing any modeling agency she may be belonging to and would be competing by herself at the Local Pageant and the National Pageant in India..

The Team -

Comprising a team of dynamic individuals from Events and Media specialty, with a collective work experience of over 100 years, this group strives to bring a revolutionary visibility to Indian Supermodels.



Sudha Subramanian
National Director


Yogesh Aggarwal
Chairman – Yellow Umbrella


Neha Mohite
Meticulous Catalyst (Head of Administration)


Ankita Rajguru
Pageant Coordinator

Madhura Sawant
Digital Prophet
(Creates engaging marketing campaigns)


Mani Kantan
Ambassador of Buzz (Managing Marketing Campaigns)


Team – Yellow Umbrella