Gregg Cannizzaro


Gregg co-founded Recyle Pictures with award-winning Producer Jason Wok, where he made his directing debut with the cult slacker feature-lentght film, “Get a Job”, starring Jeremy London, Marlyn Ghigliotti, Brenda Strong, Hector Elizondo, Alan Garfield Zack Norman and Brian Krause. The gen-x comedy premiered on Showtime Extreme and garnished critical acclaim when itr debuted on the independent film circuit screening at the New York Comedy Film Festival, Santa Monica Film Festival, Palm Springs Film Festival and taking the coveted “Audience Award” at the prestigious Nodance Film Festival. 

Yogesh Aggarwal

Partner – GoIndie Tv India

Yogesh is the co-founder of Yellow Umbrella group, which is one of the leading direct marketing companies in India. He holds an MBA degree and started his career very early and went on to work extensively into pharma industry and advertising vertical. With a career span of over 20 years, his zeal for business made him discover the potential for good service standards and thus Yellow Umbrella happened, making him one among the youngest entrepreneurs in India.
A strong believer in people and with unconventional sense of leadership, at Yellow Umbrella, he has been very instrumental in leading a vibrant team and spearheads the expansion of media and event vertical that paved way to partnering with Go Indie Tv, US’s cyber channel and bringing World Supermodel Pageant to India.
He currently handles worldwide engagements and visions to increase the reach globally. 


Sudha Subramanian