Step 1: Registration

Collect the form by registering against a nominal fees of INR 1000/- per entry payable by cash / cheque / DD favoring Yellow Umbrella Services Private Limited

Registration fees are non-refundable.

Participants can choose from the following two modes:

Online Registration: – Participants can now register their entry online using the link available on our ‘Register now’ Section.

Offline Registration: – Registration forms are available at our partnered outlets where the entries can also be filled and submitted. View the list of our partnered outlets here

Step 2: Promo of the entry on or before  20th May 2016.

A Promo plays a very vital role in success of a film of any length. It is a must for all the participants to send us a catchy promo to avail our promotional facility.

Participants failing to share the promo may witness less relevance.

Step 3: Submission of entry on or before  20th May 2016.

All the entries should be submitted on or before 31st December 2014. Late entries / incomplete entries and those not falling under the criteria of this film festival will stand disqualified.

Step 4:  Preliminary Evaluation by the Panel of Jury

Our Panel of Jury would have private screening for the preliminary screening and evaluation of all the entries with the deadline to complete this stage on or before 15th May 2016.

Step 5:  Shortlisted entries will be screened to public for Audience poll and Jury poll 

This screening of Bangalore was held on 6th December followed by the final screening in Mumbai during May 2016.

Step 6: Top entries to be listed on Go Indie TV India’s official website

Only the entries having received favorable remarks during screening will be further considered for this film festival

Step 7: Virtual voting ballet

Entries will be simultaneously driven to be voted by Viewers, based on individual preference through various social media channels.

Step 8: The Closing Bell

Voting will close by  by 11:59pm on 20th May 2016

Step 9: Final Screening by  May 2016

Top final entries will be selected to be screened in Mumbai

Step 10: Announcement of Winning entry

Panel of jury will make an official announcement of the winning entries and respective category

The Award Ceremony

The winning entry will be screened to our audience at the ceremony and the winners will be rewarded during the grand occasion by our Panel and chief guest for the occasion.

For Registration, please Click Here