1. Kids:
    The Kids category films must be conceived as Children-centric with minimal adult artist Film content should be creative with technical mastery, highly original and demonstrate children-friendly viewership.  The story line should have universal appeal and culturally authentic. Film content should speak positivity and provide strong role models with diverse background
  2. Animation:
    The Animation category films would be judged based on a story told by giving life to inanimate character and objects, designed using computer technology or frame by frame animation with the most scintillating output. Animated films can be based on adapted story-line, biography, fiction and non-fiction.
  3. Environmental:
    The criterion for this category looks at the entry focusing on environmental matters, in support of protection, empowerment and responsibility by human race towards Nature / Wildlife, Economic benefits. The film can be based on a real project with focal point of its exact nature and its benefit to society.
  4. Documentary:
    The Documentary entries will be a short video, presenting a factual report on a subject, an idea, and insight into a real life, cause or belief. Submissions must be an original short documentary, clearly presented and exemplifying the art of non-fiction story-telling in an innovative manner, possible.
  5. Romance:
    The essential theme for romance category will have the best love story focusing on emotions, passion and a journey that embraces the bond. Music plays a very vital role indicating emotional mood, creating an atmosphere of greater insulation for the couple. The plot and Music will be judged for this category.
  6. Comedy:  
    With emphasis on humour, the entries for comedy category will be judged on the level of entertainment and amusement for humorous effect. Focus will be on individual stars while the plot remains light-hearted with a happy ending.
  7. Cause Base:
    The entries for Cause-based category should prove highest standards of feat and effective system. The project or initiative submitted for this category should demonstrate Innovation, Planning, Leadership, Impact sustainability and highest standards of feat.
  8. Fiction:
    The entries for Fiction would be judged based on the realism and mythic. This can be presented as storytelling, Narrative or even musical with facets of high technical contribution towards Imaginary observations, whole event or real life. The plot will be considered as the vital element for this category.